Cavata Clothing Co. Review

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Cavata Clothing Co. is doing awesome things for schools everywhere, they donate part of their profits towards getting music and art back into schools for those young creative minds to feast on.  How awesome is that?  Now, I’m not going to go too far into detail about this brand because I’ve featured them before, you can brush up on that article if you’d like.  I’m going to focus on the products of this charitable clothing line today.

Cavata was nice enough to send over a fresh tee and a beanie for me to check out, and I must say I’m pretty impressed.  Their packaging is simple but really does the trick, the both items came wrapped up tight in tissue paper with a sticker for closure.  Great way to keep costs down and look classy at the same time.
Cavata PackagingThe tee inside is just as classy, printed on American Apparel as far as I can tell.  The print is super duper soft, you can hardly feel it.  Size and fit are perfect, I give it an A++!  To be honest I didn’t expect the tee to be this nice of quality, sometimes when you come across brands who donate portions of their profits the quality is lower so they can make up for that money.  Not here, not at Cavata, there is no cutting corners to be found here.  Nice to see =)
Cavata Tee
Plus factors are the custom printed neck label, hem tag at the bottom of the shirt, and my favorite part, the hang tag.  This hang tag is actually a ticket, like if you were headed to a big concert, there’s even a tear away stub at the end.  Very nice touch Cavata, I love it.  It goes along very well with the whole music theme.  I don’t really know why I needed to make that even more clear than it already was, but hey, it can’t hurt! =)
Cavata TagCavata Hem TagOn top of all of the plus factors included with this shirt was quite a few extras, there were stickers and a button pack that is very nicely packaged up. All very nice additions to an already perfect presentation.
Cavata Extras
All in all, Cavata Clothing Co. is doing an amazing job putting out a great product for a great price for a great cause.  Pick up a tee or two and support music in schools.  Thoughts and opinions? Leave them in a comment!

[Take 10% off of your order with the discount code teespotter]

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