Rise To Glory – To Infinity, And Beyond!

Ever thought of starting up a clothing line just for the love of doing it?  Well, that’s basically what Craig from Rise To Glory is doing and so far he’s kicking ass! What exactly is your mission as a brand that only does it because they like to…well, take it from the man himself:

“Rise To Glory Clothing is something for everyone. We offer unique clothing for people who are interested in music, design and fashion. 100% of all profits made go to releasing new products for sale!”

Can’t argue with that, it’s always nice to hear about someone doing something just because they like it, and not for money.  The designs aren’t bad either, in fact they’re pretty effing awesome!  This is my favorite one:

Among the Ashes
Among the Ashes

This design is slightly different than the other Rise to Glory designs but I love it, the colors work nicely together and it’s just an overall nice design.  As far as plus factors go, RTG has quite a few.  They print on American Apparel, so you’re getting a nice quality tee every time.  The tees are only $20, which is a great price for a shirt that you will likely never see some0ne else in. They have a pretty spiffy lookbook that has great photos of all of their shirts, and the model shots they have in general are really nice.  It’s always good to have real photos of your products rather than mock ups, and even better to have them on models.  Just a quick tip for you other clothing lines.

Rise To Glory is doing a great job, but they can’t keep doing that without your support, so head over to their store and have a look around, there are tons of shirts to choose from!  Tell me what you think =)

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