Redemption Brand Review

I’ve had my eye on Redemption Brand for quite some time, but never ordered a tee.  I’m not really sure why because they’re nothing short of amazing.  Here’s a review of a tee I picked up during their sale:

I got their Script tee both because the design is super clean and simple, and because I love the color of the shirt.  This is what I got in the mail:

Redemption packaging



Pretty rad, eh? I know I thought so too.  The eye is kinda creepy but I know it’s a pretty popular symbol these days.  Anyway, custom packaging is always a plus.  It doesn’t have to cost a lot either, just be creative!

Lets have a look at what’s in side this totally cool packaging!


Redemption Script Tee





Meet Bonnie, a.k.a. The Tank, she likes to “help” take pictures of shirts sometimes.  I decided no to crop her out this time, enjoy her haha.

Anyway, Redemption prints on American Apparel so the tee is nice and soft and fits well, the print is on the rough side but since its not overly thick there’s no cracking or anything when you pull on it.  You can’t really feel the ink too much through the shirt either so thats good.  Over all it’s a really nice shirt, I’m stoked about it.




Redemption TagPlus factor time!  As you can see, the shirt is tagless with a screen printed label inside, awesome.  The shirt also came with a pin back button that attacked the hang tag.  The hang tag itself is kind of plain and empty, but it serves its purpose and has a very nice message on it;

“Don’t stop being who you are because you are afraid.”

I totally agree with that quote and I think that everyone should live by it.  I’d also like to add that I think it adds a nice touch when brands attach their hang tags using yarn or thread as opposed to a tagging gun, it makes the shirt look nicer and has a better feel to it.  Maybe I’m weird, I dunno, I just like it okay! haha

Over all, Redemption Brand rocks, I can’t wait for their next line so I can grab another tee.  Do you have a shirt from Redemption, if so, what your thoughts? Leave me a comment!

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