Paperheart Review

I found out about Paperheart some time ago when I Am The Trend reviewed one of their shirts, I had heard about them before through Shirt Launch but I never really looked at their store until recently.  I have a fresh new review of them to do for you =)

I picked up the Dynamics tee, it came in a custom printed Tyvek mailer that looked like this:

Paperheart Mailer

Pretty simple and to the point, the ink does flake off quite a bit though.  But most people don’t get that excited over packaging so here’s the t-shirt I’m so excited about:

Paperheart Tee

Like I said, the design is titled Dynamics which is a pretty cool name and fits the design well.  Paperheart prints on American Apparel so you can expect a nice shirt with an awesome fit every time.  The print itself is soft, the lines are really thin so even if the ink was thick and rough it wouldn’t really make much difference.  Plus factors include this custom printed neck label:

Paperheart label

The label itself is awesome, the only complaint I have is that when the original shirt tag was removed, the seam wasn’t sewn back up properly so there’s a hole left in its place, fortunately it doesn’t go through to the outside of the shirt but it would still be better it it was sewn back up.  Other than that, great job here, soft ink and looks nice.  The second plus factor is this woven hem tag:

paperheart tag

Again, simple and effective.  I’m starting to see a pattern here with this brand, everything is nice and simple.  This is good because not everyone wants to go out with the flashy-est t-shirt in the world on.  Paperheart strives to be something different and for the most part I think they have that down pat.  I really enjoy my new shirt and you will too when you order one!

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  1. Very nice t-shirt, I’m a fan of neck printing versus label too!

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