Lil Love Driven Review

Do you remember those couples tees that no one ever really wore back in the day?  Well, Lil Love Driven is bringing them back and making them cooler than ever.  I was fortunate enough to snag one of these tees to review for you.

I don’t have one of the couples tees, but Lil Love Driven has something for everyone, including singles tees.  This Love Squad tee that I’ll be reviewing is one of them.  Before I even touch base on the tee, I want to spend some time on the packaging.

Lil Love Driven Packaging

Not only does Lil Love Driven have a custom printed poly mailers but in addition they also have a really neat way of presenting their t-shirts.  As you can see, instead of simply popping each tee in a clear poly bag they have them neatly rolled up with a plastic rose inside and tied with a little ribbon inside of a clear plastic gift box which is also decorated with ribbon.  The ribbon has little hearts, how fitting!  Also inside the box was a little bag printed with hearts that contained a few chocolate candies and some pin back buttons.  Very nice touch to some awesome brand relevant packaging idea.  I’m not sure how this works out cost wise but as far as originality goes I have to say this is the first time I’ve ever seen something like this, just goes to show that it doesn’t take much to make the presentation of your shirts go just a little further.  Now, lets move on to the t-shirt…

Lil Love Driven TeeThe design is a play off of the classic “Geek Squad” logo from Best Buy.  I’m not a huge fan of white t-shirts, but that’s only because I get them dirty in less than 5 minutes.  The shirt is super soft and fits well, but the print is amazing.  I’m not sure if these are screen printed or if its DTG, but you can’t feel the print at all.  If it is DTG, I’m impressed with the quality because it’s super clear and crisp.  If screen printed, then it must be waterbased inks.  Either way, the shirt is top notch quality.

Plus factors include a screen printed neck label and  a hang tag with a great brand description on it(equipped with a heart shaped hole punch).  My favorite thing about Lil Love Driven is the work put into the branding, everything screams love with all of the hearts and the color red.  Very well thought out.

Lil Love Driven Extras

Want to know what else Lil Love Driven has to offer? We’ll go check out their website and see for yourself! You won’t be disappointed.  Do it now.

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