Snükii – Be Alien. Love Different.

Some people are truly nothing more than children at heart, free spirits, fun people.  But this doesn’t come as easily for all of us, and thankfully we have this clothing called Snükii to remind us of that.  Snükii is all about re-connecting with your inner childhood and forgetting about what people think and just going after your dreams, no matter how out of this world they really are.  Take it from the person behind it all:

To “Be Alien.” and “Love Different,” is our mantra. We live and die by it.

We hope to inspire those seeking the motivation to re-live their childhood dreams and pursue their passions.

When you’re wearing any piece of Snükii apparel, you’re letting others know you have the courage and dare to Be Alien and Love Different in all your endeavors.

Reach for the stars and never let the sky be your limit.

I can definitely dig that.  The designs are awesome too, they all reflect the brand really well and stick with a general theme.  This is my favorite tee:

Snukii - Digital


This design titled Digital is nice and simple and clean but also cute and fun.  I have a million charcoal colored shirts but I’m still always attracted to them, I guess because it’s a neutral color.  Anyway…the description states simply “What’s real, and what’s not?”, pretty neat way to make you think about the design.  Digitial is limited edition with only one run being made.  Better get your hands on it soon.

Be Alien. Love Different. Hoodie

Be Alien. Love Different. Hoodie

Yes, it is spring, but in some places it’s still pretty effing cold out!  Snükii is doing a limited edition pre-order of these awesome hoodies featuring their motto.  Personally I really love the way the design is laid out and the color combos used work perfectly.  Not a fan of the red? Take a look at the grey version instead!  $35 isn’t a bad price for a hoodie like this!  This hoodie will soon be added to The Big Long List of Hoodies.

Snükii prints on American Apparel, with that in mind their $18 price tag on these shirts is incredible!  There are lots of brands out there who price their shirts at $23 and up, which is fine, everyone is entitled to charge what they want, but if you ask for my opinion(which I know you didn’t but I’m telling you anyway haha) I won’t pay more than $20 plus shipping for a t-shirt.  I’m just saying, I think Snükii’s prices are just right.

So what do you say? Do you want to get back in touch with your inner child? Sure, you might not need a t-shirt to do that but you have to start somewhere, right? Why not support an independent clothing line rather than some big corporate garbage that everyone’s tired of seeing? You have no reason not to 😉 Go pick up a Snükii t-shirt.

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