Kalimizoo – It Started With A Dream…Literally

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I found another creative typo brand for you all to google at.  Meet Kalimizo, a new and upcoming steetwear brand with designs based on typography, but not your typical catchy sentence in cool type, think more along the lines of Ugmonk only smaller scale.  How did this idea come about, you ask? Well, this is what the creator has to say:

“It started with a dream… literally. My sophomore year of college I had a roommate wake up with an idea: to start a clothing company. I had never put much thought into the idea, yet came from a very artistic background. I had always loved to draw and design on the computer, and had recently discovered painting. In talking with him, my mind started to explore the idea and I became obsessed with it.”

I always love to hear about people pursuing their dreams, but it’s pretty awesome that this time around, it was actually born in someones sleep haha  Where did the name Kalimizoo come from? Well, I actually knew the answer to this before reading it.  Kalamazoo is a city in Michigan and Mike, the owner/artist just so happens to be from there.  I’m not trying to seem like a creep, my family is just from that area, I swear 😉

Lets take a look at some designs, shall we?  This one is my favorite from Kalimizoo:


X Marks The Spot
X Marks The Spot

The design is titled X Marks The Spot, and though from far away it appears to be just a plain X on a shirt, when you pay attention the words “marks the spot” are actually inside one of the bottom legs of the X.  Pretty neat, very similar to Ugmonks “& Then I Woke Up” tee, but I can appreciate the inspiration.  Kalimizoo prints on American Apparel with discharge ink so your getting a good quality product for the $23 you pay.

Some other designs I wouldn’t mind having in my closet are Question Everything and Forever And Ever.  I can’t wait to see more designs from this brand! I think we’ll be seeing them around for quite some time.

I hope all of you take the time to look through the Kalimizoo store and leave your feedback in a comment here.  Brands can really use that info to better themselves and keep growing.  So open your mouth!

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[Use the discount code TEESPOTTER10 for 10% off of your order]

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