Loud Silence – Awesome Kickstarter Project

I was contacted by Loud Silence not too long ago and what they’re doing is really inspiring.  They’re using Kickstarter to help fund this amazing project they’ve started.  Yes, it’s a clothing line, but theres lots more to it than that.  Honestly you should take a few minutes and watch this video, it explains everything about Loud Silence including how the name was thought of, what they represent and also why they chose to use Kickstarter to fund their first line.  I tried to embed the video here for you guys to watch but WordPress won’t let me so please click through to watch it.

“Loud silence is a lifestyle brand that will create collections of apparel and accessories targeted towards music and elements of urban culture. Loud silence strives to be an outlet to express our passion and to create pieces that acknowledges music & art at its finest.”

Loud Silence is trying to rack up $3,500 to start up their first line, so far(as I type this) they have raised a whopping $1,290 and with 21 days left to bring in more support I’m positive they can make it.  But not without your help, you can pledge as low as $1 or as much as $5000 and the rewards you get vary with how much you’re willing to spend.  For just $20 you can get 3 Loud Silence pins, 2 sticker combo packs, a tote bag, post card print, rubber bracelet, a coupon code for a future purchase AND a t-shirt of your choice.  People, that’s amazing!  You pay $20 at any other clothing line and you’ll most likely get a t-shirt and a few stickers.  Check out the Loud Silence Kickstarter page for more info and to see all of the other packages available.

You might be wondering, what if they don’t raise all the money, then I lose money and I don’t get any merch.  NOT TRUE!  Kickstarter is great for this very reason, if in some way Loud Silence doesn’t raise enough money, you get every penny back, no questions asked.  If they DO raise the money, the brand will contact you for more info about your order.  That’s a pretty sound deal.

You can follow Loud Silence’s progress through this mission directly through the Kickstarter page on the updates tab.  This serves as a blog type deal so they can keep people updated with whats going on.  You can also see how many people have pledged and any comments that have been left.

I see no reason why you guys shouldn’t go right now and pledge some money to help out this starter brand.  I can’t wait to see how it looks when it’s all finished up!  View the Kickstarter page, like Loud Silence on Facebook or follow them on Twitter.  Enjoy!

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