T-Shirts.com Review

Like I’ve said before I’m usually not a huge fan of the “funny tee” websites because they tend to all be the same.  But every once in a while I come across one that actually puts thought into their designs rather than just cashing in on the latest trend in order to make a few bucks.  T-Shirts.com contacted me and I was surprised by the selection of designs they have for sale.  Not so familar with T-Shirts.com? Here’s a short and sweet description for you:

“T-shirts.com sells shirts of all kinds; Band shirts, Movie shirts, Vintage tees, and funny shirts. One very nice feature on T-Shirts.com is that every tee that they sell has a softness gauge so that customers know how comfortable the fabric will be. T-shirts.com is adding new shirts every week, so be sure to check the site frequently.”

I picked up their “What Happens In The Van, Stays In The Van” tee which at first glance you realize is a Scooby Doo reference.  I loved the design and thought it was pretty clever.  Hence, today’s review.  The shirt itself is okay but I’m what some would call a t-shirt snob, in reality it makes sense for a clothing like this to use this type of t-shirt blank because the people who are buying aren’t necessarily concerned with the feel or fit of the fabric.  It is a box cut shirt so it’s not as fitted as say, an American Apparel shirt, nor is it as soft(it’s not ring spun), but it’s in no way a  BAD t-shirt, it’s perfectly fine, just not my favorite that’s all.

The print quality is really great compared to some others I’ve felt, it’s nice and soft and you can barely feel it on the shirt.  the design is nice and big too which I like.  T-Shirts.com didn’t cheap out on the print either, its a whopping 10 or so colors as far as I can see, that’s crazy!  Really impressed by the print on this.  The shirt is also tagless, with a screen printed label inside.

This looks great, and it seems as though all of the info is there, the problem is that if I wanted to read it I probably wouldn’t be able to.  The fine print is so small that you can’t make out what it says, it just looks like lines.  That might not be so good for people who somehow don’t know how to care for their t-shirt 😉  The shirt also came with a post card that had a nice little note on the back thanking me for being so awesome all the time(I love fan mail! and I always keep it!)

I hope this helps you decide weather or not to buy from T-Shirts.com, I suggest you go for it, they have some really awesome designs and their prices aren’t bad at all.  $9-$25 dollar tees is pretty good!  The one I just reviewed goes for just $15.  Give them a chance!

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