Bled Collective – New Brand From Alberta

Bled Collective CollectionI found another new brand from Canada that has quite a few items in their first launch.  Bled Collective has 3 designs that are spread across 12 products that consist of 4 tank tops, 2 hoodies, and 6 t-shirts.  The first thing I noticed when I visited their website is that they don’t have real pictures of their shirts, just mock ups.  I really wouldn’t suggest doing this as a start up brand, people want to see what the product they’re buying really looks like since they’ve never heard of you before, and they won’t trust you yet.  If you are doing a pre-order, that’s fine but otherwise, try to have some good pictures of your shirts.

As far as the designs go, Bled Collective is doing pretty good. I think there’s a lot of room for improvement, but I really like the text based design they have, though it does look really familiar to me for some reason.  I can’t tell you much more about the brand because their website is still under construction but everything seems to be in line as far as i can see.  They print on American Apparel and their prices range from $20-42 for tees and hoodies which isn’t too bad of a price for an independent line.

The more time I spent on their store the more I realized how difficult it is to manage.  They’re using Storenvy for their storefront they’ve changed it around, sadly they’ve made it more difficult.  In addition, their prices aren’t displayed on their store homepage, not good.  People want to know how much your stuff costs and if you make them work for it then they’ll just end up leaving.  Make sure your website is optimized for customer usability.  Check out this blog post that explains how you can find out how effective your website is and tips on how to fix it, it’s a great read for all of you indie clothing lines.

I’m not trying to talk you out of buying from Bled Collective, because I do support them, otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this.  I believe my job as a t-shirt reviewer and blogger is to give my honest opinion and critique so that the brands can use it to grow and become better.  No hard feelings here, just honesty.  I hope all indie brand owners can learn from posts like this.

All I can say is check out Bled Collective for yourself and see if it’s your cup of tea, I personally like the designs but I want to see if there are any small improvements first.  Let me know what you think! =)

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