We’re Going To The Winchester – Saucewear/GritFX

Saucewear and GritFX have teamed up to bring you zombie buffs this awesome limited edition tee.  We’re Going To The Winchester is a parody of Shaun of the Dead, which admittedly I haven’t seen but considering how many people have talked about it, it must be good.  Anyway, if you, like me, didn’t understand the reference at first, then here’s a little intro:

“Zombies, zombies, zombies! There’s a zombie in your backyard. Zombies moaning in the streets. Zombies have probably taken over the entire country. So, the only logical place to go in the midst of the zombie apocalypse is the local pub. Free ale, a relaxing atmosphere, and a cricket bat for protection. What else do you need?”

The tee was designed by GritFX but Saucewear is hosting it in their store, so it’s not a collab, I don’t actually know what it would be called, but it doesn’t matter, these tees are printed on American Apparel and they’re going for $15 a pop.  Not too bad.  Again, I find myself pointing out that the tee is shown on a mock up, also the color is bothering me, I don’t think its a good representation of the AA Olive, or Army tees(whichever this one is).  You’ve heard me complain enough about that recently though, so I won’t bore you again.

We’re Going To The Winchester is part of a series of limited edition tees that Saucewear has hosted from a few different designers.  Personally I think it’s a pretty cool thing what they’re doing to help out the artists. I hope people catch on and start snagging these tees before they’re all gone.  Get over there!

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