Interview With Patron From Royal Decree

I haven’t done an interview in foreverrrr!!  So glad to be back with another one with Patron from Royal Decree, a new brand from the UK who is set to launch before you know it!  I hope you enjoy it!

Royal Decree Logo

Thanks for doing an interview with me! Lets start with you telling us a little bit about yourself.

Hi my name is Patron McCleary and I am the owner of Royal Decree apparel. I am 17 years old soon to be 18 in a couple of months.  I currently go to college in the UK ( which is like high school in US I think). I currently study politics, business and English.  I am very much into my sports and clothing, if I was not trying to start RD I would probably be spending all my wages on buying clothes.

How long have you wanted to start a clothing line? When did you start working on Royal Decree?

I think I have wanted to start a clothing company for years now, I reckon around 3 years now so when I was about 15-16. Me and my friends had the idea of starting a clothing brand called chekmate but because of the fact that we were all very young and naive about the costs and commitment of a clothing line that idea never really came fruitition. So like 6-7 months ago I started developing Royal Decree, I got a job in retail and started saving to start RD.

What kind of “bumps in the road” have you come across while planning out and getting ready to launch your line? Be honest, every brand has issues starting up, no worries 😉 Is there anything you wish you knew before you started?

Bumps?! I have had craters! The hardest things I think is the financing and the getting the brand direction correct.  When I first started developing Royal Decree I had like ideas of being like the next Gucci or something like that but I soon came to the conclusion that not only did I not  have the money for that but that I don’t like that kind of clothes. I like to think our designs are sophisticated and timeless with simplicity behind each of them, and a ethos about uplifting.

[Jen: Hahaha, I honestly never thought Gucci would be discussed on Tee Spotter. I guess I really haven‘t seen it all.  But, it‘s definitely good to be realistic, and that goes to all of you kids starting brands…make smaller realistic goals that work up to your main goal! ]

Who does the designs? Do you do them yourself or do you hire artists from elsewhere?

When its comes to design, I have the most awesome designer in the world Erin Cheyne who owns Cheyne Creative.  I accidentally came across her on Twitter and the rest is history. She’s the only designer I use right now but maybe in the future I might use other designers but she’s so good I’m not sure if I will need to.

I really dig the King by Lineage shirt you have planned, what kind of ideas are behind this, what inspired you?

Thanks for the compliment about King by Lineage. Well the idea behind it is to uplift the person who is wearing it, its a bit of statement to be honest. When we first started to develop it I wanted something to do with letters and so we developed the tag line king by lineage and jumbled up the words, in the end it kind ended up being like abstract which is really cool as different people see different things when they look at it.

Royal Decree - King By Lineage

Royal Decree - King By Lineage

When it comes to giving your brand an overall theme, what kind of feel are you going for? What do you want to represent?

Well Royal Decree is all about making simple timeless designs, I know a lot of other brands say the same but that’s what we try and achieve.  We want to make casual designs that will uplift the wearer and make them feel more confident. In a way you can say Royal Decree is a life style as much as a brand.

[Jen:  To be honest, “a lot” is an understatement, I think every brand at some point says they want to create timeless and simple designs haha  But the important part is that you have ideas that go past that, something that mends all of the designs together and forms a theme that people can relate themselves with.  Other wise, you have a bunch of designs that when put together, just look like a bunch of designs rather than a brand.]

If you had to describe Royal Decree in just one word, what would it be? I know its tough, but you can do it!

Sophisticatedfun (yes I know it is not a real word but there’s no space which makes it one word technically)

Do you think that opening up an independent t-shirt line in the UK is any different than opening one here in the US? Are there any struggles you have come across as far as finding suppliers or otherwise?

Well it took me a lot longer to find small screen printers over here, I am really all about supporting the little guy as I’m a little guy myself, but now I have found one and we work well together. I don’t think there much difference apart from in the USA there is a lot more choice in terms of companies and suppliers and the fact that America is huge with a much larger potential customer base.

How many shirts do you think you’ll sell from the time you launch until…let’s say…4 years from now?  How many different countries will you cover?

I like to think BIG. So I’ll go with a million! I think upon launch we will cover the North America and Europe and where thinking about whether to brand out in terms of shipping.

[Jen:  Big? That‘s HUGE!  If you sold your shirts for $20 a piece(just assuming here) you would bring in a whopping 20 million dollars!  That‘s roughly 10 million in profits in just 4 years.  Holy cheese.]

Last question!  Is there anything else you would like to share with us? Other than your Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr account. A picture, a video, a quote, anything awesome at all?!

Well what can I say apart from the fact that I hope you will join Royal Decree on its journey and help us grow and expand.

[Jen:  Thanks again for doing this interview, Patron!  Everyone, make sure you go check out Royal Decree on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr!]

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