Fresh Threads From Dream Gold!

I’ve seen Dream Gold many times before, but to be completely honest, I wasn’t digging it all that much, but let me tell you, this time around I am LOVING what they’ve done!  They released a ton of new gear including 6 new t-shirts and 3 new tank tops.  My personal favorite is this tank top:

Somnium Aurum

Somnium Aurum

You can pick this bad ass tank up for $22.95. Plus, it also comes in a black on white colorway if you think that’s more your style.  If you’re into simple logo tees then you are in luck, because they released 2 different styles of their classic royal logo tee in both mens and womens cuts.  The gold on black is pretty awesome:

Royal Logo

Royal Logo

I’m usually not a fan of foil prints but this one really works with the brand.  The Royal Logo tee comes in white and black as well.  If you’re looking to snag this then check your couch cushions for extra change cause these are going for $24.95.  A bit high for me but a lot of brands are selling tees in this price range right now.

All of Dream Gold’s merch is printed on American Apparel and comes with a screen printed neck tag as well as a neat little gold and black hem tag at the bottom of the shirt.  Both very professional and clean looking.  Puts a nice finishing touch on an already solid release.

In addition to the new shirts, DG has also amped up their website, everything is super clean and easy to navigate.  The only thing I noticed is that the price of the products is super tiny and I almost missed it.  Other than that, everything looks awesome.  Great work guys!

Head over to to check out the full line!

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