Xraylibra Tees Review

I haven’t written a review in a little while! I’m pretty excited to be doing one on these three awesome tees from Xraylibra.  Lets get down to it =)

Xraylibra PackagingThese were packed into a plain white poly mailer with a sticker, the cheapest and easiest way to customize your packaging!  And there’s nothing wrong with that at all, it looks awesome to me.  Each tee is sealed in a super thick zip-lock bag, there is NO risk of these getting dirty/wet/running away or anything, I was actually pretty surprised to see they were packed in something so heavy duty(Kitty is pleased as well).  Xray is really going the extra mile to make sure your tees get to you in perfect condition!  I also got a few stickers and buttons with the tees, pretty standard giveaways these days with tee companies, they are cheap and effective!

Pipeline Malt liquor

Pipeline Malt liquor

The part I’m really excited about is the quality of these tees!  They are SO SOFT and comfy.  I don’t think I have any tees that are printed on these blanks, from what I can see from them they look like Alternative Apparel but don’t quote me on that it’s only an educated guess 😉  But whatever these are printed on, I love them!  They’re on the thin side so they’re perfect for this hot summer weather we’ve been having here in Pittsburgh.

Zombie Survival Equipment

Zombie Survival Equipment (My Favorite!)

The print itself is a whole different story, I think it might be even softer than the tee itself, if that’s possible haha.  These are definitely printed with waterbased inks because you can’t feel anything at all on them.  They are all light colored shirts though so I’m curious to know if the print is the same on their darker colored tees.  Light colors are also great for summer by the way!

Buddy's Auto Body

Buddy's Auto Body

I really have no criticism for Xraylibra, I wish I could find something but from what I can see they’re doing everything perfect.  That’s a really rare thing to come across in this t-shirt market, there are so many brands that are half assing with their quality to save money or are too lazy to put in extra work to make the customer feel cared about.  The high quality doesn’t stop at this though, these have quite a few plus factors involved with them too!

Every tee has a custom printed tag in the neck which is every bit as soft as the print on the front of the shirts.  Since these are light in color and pretty thin though, the tag does show through on the white t-shirt even with the distressing they used to reduce this.  This really isn’t such a big deal because you can’t see it that much but some people are picky so I figured I’d make you aware.  Like I said though, this is only an issue on white shirts.  Xraylibra also fixes each of their shirts with a snazzy hang tag on the sleeve.  Which reminds me, I was doing some reading on T-ShirtForums.com and I was really surprised to find out that a lot of companies think that hang tagging their shirts is pointless because they’re selling online and the customer is just going to throw them away.  This is not true!  At least, in my opinion I think it really makes a nice finishing touch to the shirts.  If you don’t want people to throw them away then give them a reason NOT to, make it cool looking or collectable or add a discount code to it.  Just a bit of advice, that’s all =)  For the record, I keep pretty much all of my hang tags except for duplicates, and I will be hanging on to this one!

Xraylibra Tag

That’s all I can tell you about Xraylibra other than they have some of the most wearable tees for summer, I’m stoked to have these!  My favorite is the Zombie Survival Equipment tee, I’ll be rocking that all the time.  Anyway, thanks for reading! Let me know what you think in a comment =)

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