Pick Ups – Upcycling Gift Cards Into…Guitar Picks?

Who hates having empty gift cards? Or worse, gift cards with like…15 cents on them?  Well, now there’s a cool way to reuse them and turn them into something else! It’s almost like getting an extra gift!  Meet Pick Ups, a company who is taking everyone’s old and used gift cards and turning them into handmade guitar picks!

They sell all gauges and you can even get custom picks by sending in your own cards!  They don’t only do gift cards either, send in any old card you want and they’ll make 10 brand new picks for you or your favorite musician friend.

For a very low price of $3-5, why not do the world some good and get rid of those old cards?  Head over to Pick Ups now and check everything out!  Make sure you follow them on Twitter & Facebook too.

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