Omunky Released A New Skunkified(And Eco-Friendly) Tee!

If you haven’t heard of them before, Omunky is one of the top eco-friendly clothing lines out there, with super fun designs that are easily loved by anyone.  They released a new shirt recently and I think you’ll really smell it… it.

Omunky - Skunk Cinema

Omunky - Skunk Cinema

The new t-shirts name is Skunk Cinema and as you can see, it features a skunk at the movies chowing down on some popcorn.  This is probably one of my favorite Omunky designs thus far, right next to Nocturnal Naptime.  It’s printed on a cinder colored 100% organic cotton t-shirt which I can testify for being SUPER soft, and somewhat stretchy.

As always, this Skunky shirt goes for $22 and 5% of your order is donated to Wild Aid, a group of amazing people who raise awareness of illegal animal trading.  Grab this from Omunky soon, there are always new tees coming out and you never know when this one might get replaced!

Oh, and OBVIOUSLY the skunk is watching a 3D movie, that is whats IN and all 😉  Probably re-watching Avatar or something.

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