No Logic Apparel Review

Today I have a shirt from No Logic Apparel, which is an independent clothing brand coming out of the Los Angeles area.  As a brand I think they have a lot of learning and growing to do but as far as quality and service go, everything’s pretty good.

I was lucky enough to get their Doorway tee, which is my favorite from them, to be honest it’s the only one I could see myself wearing.  Not that the other designs are bad, just aren’t my style is all.  Doorway is actually out of print now, whatever is left is all there will be, so if you want one you better get it soon.

The shirt came in a plain paper mailer, I really don’t suggest using these paper mailers because if they get wet during transit then it can ruin the contents.  But No Logic packs their tees in a clear poly bag before putting them into the mailer so that makes it a tad better.  The print on this shirt feels different than anything I’ve felt before,  it doesn’t feel like it was printed with DTG or screen printed, it almost feels rubbery.  It’s not a bad feeling because it isn’t rough or overly thick, it just odd haha  The design printed awesome though, all of the colors look great.  The shirt itself I can tell right off the bat that it’s a Gildan heavy cotton shirt or something very similar.  I’m not a huge fan of these tees, they aren’t very soft because they aren’t ringspun and they aren’t fitted like your typical unisex shirt these days, you can expect a very box like cut with these.  I’m somewhat of a snob when it comes to my shirts though, so some of you might not care about the feel of the shirt that much. 😉

No Logic removed the old shirt tag and replaced with with their own screen printed one, everyone appreciates that.  Who likes a scratchy tag on their neck?  For some reason they have all of the sizes printed and the correct size of the shirt circled, I’m not really sure why but either way, it looks good!  Along with the awesome shirt came a few stickers and a business card with a button attached, these are all really cheap and easy ways to surprise your customers with some things they didn’t expect, plus, it’s free promo for you when they stick them everywhere!

Overall, No Logic is doing a great job, the service is great, the quality is better than most though there is some room for improvement.  As long as they continue to grow with each new release, they’ll be golden.  Looking forward to what they come out with next =)

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