Royal Decree Launches!

If you guys missed it before, I did an interview a while back with Patron from a new indie line called Royal Decree.  His line launches today and it’s your job to go and check it out!  But before you do that I’ll tell you a little bit about RD and why you should love them.  The simplest explanation ever as to what Royal Decree really means is:

Royal- Of, relating to, or befitting a king, queen, or other monarch; regal

Decree- An edict, law, etc, made by someone in authority

Royal Decree Apparel is a brand that has a ethos of uplifting a persons spirit and the nature by which they live there life. Royal Decree Apparel is brand that is all about bringing forth quality apparel coupled with classic and simple designs that will make you standard from the crowd.

Royal Decree released two designs for their first line, my favorite being the King by Lineage tee.  I just love the abstract look and feel to it.

The tees are printed on Gidan Softstyle blanks, I’m not a huge fan of these shirts but lots of people really seem to love them.  They are ringspun cotton which is definitely a plus but they aren’t as fitted as your typical American Apparel or Tultex tees.  Just a matter of opinion I suppose =)  Every shirt also comes with free buttons.

There are a few comments I’d like to add though and those are that when launching your first line, make SURE you get real pictures of the shirts, they don’t have to be on a model but even if people could just see the actual shirt they’ll be buying it can really make a big difference and help them decide.  Mainly because you’re a new brand, people aren’t going to trust you and any small details you can do to make yourself look more legit, do it!  Just think about when you buy something from a new brand, wouldn’t you rather see the exact item you’re buying and not some picture of something LIKE it?  But other than that, I think RD has everything pretty down pat and this release is going to go smoothly for them. I hope to see more in the future!

Now you can go check it all out and buy up all the tees you can!  Head over to the Royal Decree store now =)

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