Prestigious Review

This is my first ever review of a tank top rather than a t-shirt, and it’s quite fitting considering its super duper hot outside now that summer is finally here in Pittsburgh.  This awesome tank top comes from a brand called Prestigious, which I’ve come to really like in the short time I’ve known about them.  The designs are clean and attractive and the line itself just has a really good overall feel to it.  I’m digging it.

I’ll be reviewing their white/grey striped badge tank top, which also comes in a womens blue/green colorway if that’s more your style.  The shirt came in a small paper envelope with a hand written address.  Like I’ve said before, try to avoid this if you can, it’s just asking to eventually get someones order lost in the mail, plastic is also better than a paper mailer but hey, it got here in one piece =)  They do have a pretty nice looking return address label for themselves and the package also had a banana sticker on it, I’m not sure why its there but hey, it got a smile out of me haha

Prestigious has done an amazing job with putting out a quality product, this tank top is SO ACE!  It’s an American Apparel unisex tank top, with super soft printing(probably waterbased) and the design itself is just awesome.  For a logo shirt I really dig it and I’m usually more so a fan of design based tees.  Part of the design reads:

“Hand made by human beings since 2008”

That made me lol for a few seconds.  They sent along a cool little button with the shirt which I dropped on the floor like I do every single time there’s something in a package that I don’t expect haha  I’ve added it to my Pittsburgh Terrible Towel of buttons =)

Overall, I would give Prestigious 6 out of 5 stars(an extra one for making me laugh) because even though they don’t have the extras that some other brands have like printed neck tags or woven hem tags, the stuff that they DO have is above and beyond what you would expect from most indie clothing lines.  I’m definitely excited to see them grow even more and you should be too.  Head on over to to see the rest of their awesome tees and grab one for yourself!

(PS- Sorry for not including a picture of the packaging, I didn’t want to post my address for the world to see, nothing personal haha)

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