Laced Alternative Review

I have a slightly different kind of t-shirt for you guys today.  Usually I do graphic based tees but today I have a pretty cool cut and sew v-neck for you.  This comes from a brand called Laced Alternative:

Laced Alternative’s goal is simple, create quality pieces of clothing that represents different aspects of the youth of today. From premium knits to T’s and hoodies, we got you covered to stay fresh no matter what you’re doing. We’re young, we party, we dress up, we travel, we break the mold and we live life with our friends; but more importantly we are never doing just one thing. This is why we as a brand never stick to one route or style, because in life nothing stays the same and we want you to be be fresh no matter what you’re doing or where your going. This is philosophy we live by, and this, is Laced Alternative.

I was fortunate enough to snag one of their Luxe V knit tops which is super soft and breaths REALLY well.  I wore this out on a trip to the farmers market on a super hot day and it was surprisingly comfortable even with the sun beating down on me.  So if you’re looking for a new tee for summer, get this one.  Also, the pocket is just the right size for my smart phone haha

It came in a clear poly bag inside of a regular Tyvek mailer, it did have a printed label instead of handwritten so that’s a bonus.  It didn’t come with any stickers or buttons or even a business card, which is sort of surprising but the shirt speaks for itself.  There is a screen printed label inside the neck.  The extra tag you see there has all of the size, fabric content and other info that clothing lines legally need to have, but what’s nice is that it’s a tear-away tag so you can just rip it out of there and you’ll be left with a nice comfy collar on your shirt.

I’m not sure what else to say about Laced Alternative other than you should go buy some shirts from them right now, they also offer some pretty nice regular t-shirts if these knit tops aren’t your style or if you’re looking for a tank top, they have that too!  Let me know what you think about Laced Alternative in a comment =)

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