Wolves vs. Lions Tee Up For Preorder

I’ve been helping out Wolves vs. Lions basically from the very start and now I’m here again with another new tee from them.  This one is quite a different direction for them in a couple different ways.  First of all, it’s up for preorder(which I don’t think they’ve ever done before) and if you order during this time, you get a free tee!

The design itself is also way different than anything else they carry.  I’m used to seeing animals on their tees, you know, wolves…and lions..but this time they’ve taken a refreshing step towards a typography design.  As far as type tees go, this one is more on the bland side for me, I like to see some more creativity with the lettering and this looks more like a stock font to me.  But they’ve also upgraded to American Apparel tees and added some nice woven tags.  I’m excited to see how these turn out, I have a good feeling about them =)

Head on over to the sexy ass Wolves vs. Lions store to check out this preorder and browse the rest of their designs, they deserve you’re money!  Plus, for $15 bucks you’re getting a top notch quality tee with all of the fixins, how can you pass that up?

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