Omerica Organic Has New Styles!

[Use the rep code JMFROMAS for 20% off of your order]

One of my favorite companies to buy plugs for my ears from is Omerica Organic, they have top of the line organic woods that they use to make the most badass plugs ever.  Don’t have stretched ears? That’s fine, they make belt buckles, dog tags, t-shirts and all kinds of other stuff too!  Want to know more about the company and how they keep their business as green as possible? Read the review I wrote on my first order from them right here.

I’m here to inform you that they have two new styles out that I really dig.  If you’re a fan of Oreos, you’ll love these!  They look just like everyone’s favorite cookie only TINY(well..depending on the gauge your ears are stretched to haha)  They’ve named them Double Stuffed(get it?) and they look like this:

It looks like one even has a bite taken out of it, actually you can choose to have yours be whole or have a bite taken out!  haha  These come in 00g through 1 1/4 and prices range from $42 to $50.  Don’t forget you can use my rep code JMFROMAS for 20% off of your first order!  Oh, and you CAN’T eat them.

The next style I’m super stoked about is these King Cobra ones, they come in two different wood styles(pink ivory and chechen) and they look THIS badass:

These ones range from $52 to $56 and come in 00g through 1-1/4.  Cobras are such cool animals and I like that we can enjoy them in wood form and not live form, much less deadly.

I hope you dig these styles from Omerica Organic as much as I do, and don’t forget to use the rep code JMFROMAS for 20% off of your order!  Have a great weekend!

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