Test Your Strength – Stay True, Be Yourself

I have a new indie brand for all of you to check out!  Today I bring you Test Your Strength, who of course, like any other new brand, set out on their journey to create fresh new shirts for the industry.  But there’s more behind TYS and I think you should all pay attention.

“We are inspired by the people that surround us, our passions, and the difficulties that life throws our way, overall the things that make us who we are as individuals.

As far as brand themes go, this is pretty good.  They’ve taken something that basically anyone can relate to(lifes hurdles) and turned it into something more positive and anyone can use(t-shirts).  Sounds like a match made in heaven to me.



Lets take a look at the actual shirts, Test Your Strength has released 6 tees and a varsity jacket for their first line.  That’s really impressive, if you ask me.  The designs themselves are…okay.  In my opinion the text tees could be a lot stronger, right now they look like a stock font slapped onto a t-shirt.  I am a big fan of their Emblem tee(pictured above) though, the type work on that looks awesome.  Same with the Grunge TYS tee(below), the stacked letters look great, I’m also a fan of the textures they used on this design.  Overall I think TYS could be a bit better in the design department but there are definitely some pretty good ones in there as well.

Grunge TYS

Grunge TYS

I’m not sure what kind of shirts they print on but they do have a lot of finishing being done on these, all of their shirts include a neck print and woven hem tags on both the sleeve and the bottom of the shirt.  The one on the bottom of the shirt looks huge, and I’m not sure why they have hem tags on both the sleeve and bottom hem but they definitely have enough branding on these tees haha  If you get this shirt and can’t remember where its from then you should have your head checked ASAP.

I have to compliment them on their website, it is a Big Cartel storefront but they’ve done a good job modifying it and making it look awesome.  The colors are simple and easy on the eyes and all of the info you could ever need is right in front of your eyes.  Bravo on that TYS!

I don’t know about you but I’m looking forward to seeing how Test Your Strength grows and what they have up their sleeve for us next.  Make sure you check them out on Facebook and Twitter!

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