Omunky Has A New Monkey Friend!

Omunky is always releasing new tees, and they’re always cute.  This time Rick has brought us a new design titled Munky Soda which is dedicated to the relieving feeling of drinking a cool beverage after being extremely thirsty for quite some time.  Good choice for these last summer months!

All of Omunky’s shirts are printed on 100% organic cotton tees that are super soft and comfy, they also comes in mens and womens sizes small through xx-large.  Don’t forget, 5% of every order gets donated to Wild Aid and helps all the animals out there!  What are you waiting for? Go get this monkey goodness while you still can – only in the Omunky store!

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  1. You mention the shirt quality of the ‘Omunky’ design but unlike the rest of the reviews, nothing about the print quality!
    Is it screen print, transfer, DTG?
    Is it good quality, it would be interesting to know a bit more on this.

    By the way, like the site!


    • Hey Tony, thanks for the comment! To clear things up for you, I don’t actually own this shirt, I only did this post to help get the word out on the new design. But, I did buy one of the other tees for my friend a while back(that tee isn’t available anymore) and the print on it is pretty nice, you can feel the the ink on the shirt but it’s not thick or rough or anything, it also stretches nicely with the fabric without cracking. Definitely screen printed. I believe they usually try to use eco-friendly inks to go along with their earth friendly approach to things but you’d be best off to refer to the product description for this kind of info. I hope I answered your question =)


      • Jen
        Thanks for the reply, it looks a good design.
        As a screen printer of t shirts myself, it’s good to know it’s a proper screen print and not one of those awful DTG prints!
        I have many enquiries for small quantities and have on occasions had to use the DTG process, which was outsourced ( we do not offer it ). Whilst the print looks reasonable, the whites lack any substance, the colours have no great depth and when you wash them (unlike screen print) they fade!
        all the best

      • I don’t think I’ve ever come across an indie clothing line that uses DTG printing, ever. So chances are no matter where you go you’ll be getting a screen printed tee. DTG has come a long way since it’s start(hasn’t been around nearly as long as screen printing) and the quality of the print comes down to the machine you’re using and the inks you’re using. But, I will admit that I have yet to find a tee printed with DTG that could actually compare to a screen print.

      • Nice to know that you think screen print is still going strong!
        So, what are the best inks for DTG and what is the best DTG machine?
        When you say the quality of the print, are you talking about looking at it before it’s washed!
        Do you think that a good ink and a good DTG machine will produce high quality prints that will wash well on a normal machine wash?
        Or, are we all fooling ourselves when we buy a DTG printed t shirt, because what might look good the first time you get it, is nothing like the quality and resilience of a good old screen printed t shirt.

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