Inkefx Review

A while back I did a feature and interview with the owner of a new clothing line called Inkefx, it’s a must read for anyone who owns their own clothing line because he gave some really great tips on building a solid website for your line.  Check it out here if you missed it.  Today I want to look a little further into Inkefx and do a review of one of their shirts.  Jake was kind enough to send me one of the shirts that he originally planned to launch when he started Inkefx but then turned around and went in a different direction.  Lets take a look!

Inkefx ships shirts in black poly mailers with yellow tape to match the color scheme of their website, I think that’s a really awesome idea!  When it comes to your brand image you should always try to apply it to as many things as you can, and when you’re selling online, your packaging is one of the main factors when it comes to putting across your image.  The shirt was also wrapped up in black tissue paper with a sticker indicating the size of the tee.

Along with the shirt came some promotional material, a business card actually that is a bit different than your typical one.  It’s much thicker and comes in a different shape than your usual card.  You can get cards like these made up at – I saw a blog post on the Inkefx website that explained more about the website and what they offer.

The shirt itself is superb quality, American Apparel to start off.  The print is nice and bright, clear and despite the amount of colors, its really soft.  I have to stress how much I like the use of halftones here, they did an amazing job fooling peoples eyes into thinking this design is way more colors than it really is.  If you ever have a design that is too costly to print because of too many colors try to have a talk with your designer or your printer to see if they can help you reduce the number of colors using halftones, depending on the design it could really save you some money.

Inkefx shirts also come fixed with a screen printed neck label(I didn’t get a picture of this, sorry!) and a hem tag with their logo, both great finishing touches and easy ways to carry your brand image over to your products.  If your logo or brand name isn’t somewhere on your shirts, customers are likely to forget where they got the shirt and never come back to buy more.

Basically I can’t find anything that should be changed about Inkefx, Jake has definitely done his research and I applaud him on launching a flawless clothing line.  Make sure you head over to the Inkefx website and give it a look, pick up a tee and support him!

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