Major Malfunction Review

Last month one of the sponsored advertisements on the site was Major Malfunction, it just so happens that they were nice enough to send me a shirt so you get to enjoy another juicy t-shirt review from me.  Excited?  You better be!

Basically what Major Malfunction is doing is taking our favorite things in life like Mario Bros and clowns and making them terrifying.  I was lucky enough to score my favorite shirt on their site which is the Mario Bros one, or as they call it, the “Possessed Plumber

The shirt came in a regular poly mailer, so nothing special packaging wise but it’s whats inside that counts anyway, right?  The shirt came with a nice little thank you note which I always suggest clothing lines doing, hand written is always better!  It makes it feel more personal.  But lets get on to the actual shirt…

Major Malfunction prints on American Apparel which is pretty standard across the industry now.  The print itself is awesome, nice and bright and not heavy or too thick.  there are a few places where the white underbase shows through a bit but it’s not a big deal, the printer might just have a small registration problem.

No extras like hem tags or printed labels that I could find but they seem to have put their money into a good website and quality printing so that’s really nothing to complain about.  Their shirts go for $25 a pop which is on the high end for me but I see tons of brands selling their tees for that price so maybe I just need to get with the times and not be so cheap, ha!  Head over to the Major Malfunction website now and check out the rest of their tees!

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  1. this line has some pretty solid pieces…..

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