Sale Time At Capitl Clothing

I haven’t been doing a very good job covering all of the awesome sales that have been going on lately, so I’m going to try to do that now =)  Lets start with Capitl Clothing.  Now, I’ve never featured them before so here’s a quick run down of what the brand is about:

“Capitl clothing is a bold, but casual line that aspires to put you in the most comfortable clothes. Your clothing defines who you are so express your creativity. Printed on American Apparel for the best quality and most comfort!”

As for the sale, they have a bunch of tank tops and t-shirts for some really great prices, starting at just $15.95.  I believe they’re trying to clear out some old stock in order to make room for a super awesome new line they have coming in.  Rumor has it it’s going to be pretty HUGE 😉  Here are one of my favorites from the sale:

Owl Knows All

Owl Knows All

I know, owls are getting pretty tired out in this industry because they keep popping up everywhere but as far as these nocturnal birds go, this is one that actually caught my eye.  Plus for $15.95 how can you go wrong? You can’t.  Now head on over to the Capitl Clothing store and check out all of the other awesome stuff that’s on sale!

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