Alternate Decision – A Story Worth Reading

I have to give Dan, the guy behind Alternate Decision Clothing, a huge amount of respect.  Why?  Because most of us have created our brands behind our desk with a nice comfy chair, in our own little office space that has heat and A/C…Not Dan, no, he created his brand while he was at war!  He was in the middle of Iraq fighting for this country in a war that may or may not have been justified the way that some people believe that it was.  The Army was pumping soldiers up with anti-depressants and sleeping pills as their only means of “helping” them cope with what was going on around them.  Dan said no, instead he was going to channel his anger and build this clothing brand.  And so he did, and I want to show you what has become of this mans Alternate Decision to not take drugs.  I believe you will be impressed.

AD has quite a few tees with all different kinds of designs on mens and womens shirt.  Though I wouldn’t actually wear most of these because they aren’t exactly my style, I can say that they look pretty solid.  My personal favorite is this one designed by the ever amazing God Machine:
The colors and the overall presentation of the design is really great.  It does stick out a bit from their other shirts as far as the style goes but I’m guessing that this is one of the newer shirts and that maybe he’s starting to go in a different direction with the brand.  You can’t go wrong with God Machine though!

Apocalyptic Sonata

Apocalyptic Sonata

I’m a fan of the product shots that are being used on the store.  The background really adds a lot and looks way better than just a plain color backdrop.  They look pretty intense and really fit the brand well.  There’s almost a sense of darkness in them.

Gas Mask 2011

Gas Mask 2011

As far as the quality of the shirts go, I believe they are all printed on Anvil tees which are a pretty decent middle of the road tee.  Cost effective and still wearble.  Alternate Decision has opted to use their 50% cotton and 50% post consumer recycled polyester blend(apparently this is made out of old plastic bottles, so cool!).  The womens tees are printed on Bella, which from what I’ve heard is a really great brand of blanks.  I’m concerned about the printing on some of the tees though, mainly the red Gas Mask tee, it looks very shiny and rough like the ink was put on too thick.  I know that Dan has printed his own shirts so maybe those are older ones and the printing has improved since then.

Honestly the only bad things I can say about AD is that the designs don’t fit together to form a brand very well, they all stand out on their own but when you put them together it kind of looks like they all came from different places.  Other than that, the website could use a bit of work and sprucing up and that’s about it.  I see no reason for anyone to boycott this brand built on such strong emotions.

Get yourself over to the Alternate Decision store right now and grab some of this gear for yourself!  Dan went through hell to be inspired enough to bring you these clothes, and I think he at least deserves the chance for people to see what he has to offer.

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