Looking For More Free Promo For Your Brand?

You better be!  As a business owner you should know that the best kind of promotion is the kind that you don’t have to pay for, this usually means word of mouth but in this case I have something pretty awesome to share with all of you.

I was contacted by a new website called Undefined Threads who would love to feature your brand on their front page, with a nice big banner, for FREE! Not only do you get all of that for a whole week, but you will permanantly have your own special page on their website which features a nice bio of your brand and a link to your store, and again, for free.

Hunter, the guy behind all of this, has been doing a great job building his site and adding more and more brands.  But it’s pretty much impossible to find them all on your own so he needs you guys to reach out to him so he can get you your own spot on Undefined Threads.

So what are you waiting for? Get over there and contact him!  Tons of brands like Dream Gold, Prestigious, and NOlogic are already listed so there’s no reason your brand shouldn’t be.  All you have to do is write your bio and make your banner and you’re all set.

Enjoy the free ad!

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