The 20&12 Coalition

The 20&12 CoalitionI was approached by Garth from Lake & Chapel about a supposed awesome idea for the 2012 year, and I’m thinking to myself “Yeah right, you and every other brand out there is saying the same exact thing”.  But much to my surprise, this is actually a really awesome idea for 2012.  Meet The 20&12 Coalition.

The 20&12 Coalition is a group of indie t-shirt companies brought together by one little word. Along with awesome tees they all have an AND in their names. So they have banded together to give customers a deal. Buy a shirt from any Coalition member and along with that awesome tee you’ll get a list of exclusive coupons from all the other members. Shop indie, save money and discover something new!

The Coalitionists are:


Now, I might not be the biggest fan of some of these brands, and they are missing quite a few other AND brands, but hey, I think this is an amazing way to bring together a group of indie brands and help support each other.  Major props to everyone involved in this.  I wish I saw this more often in this industry.

Make sure you check out all of these brands and also head over to The 20&12 Coalition Facebook page to get updates on everything.

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