Dark & Awesome Tees From Orcus Brand

I’m finally back! I revamped the site, replied to EVERY email, and now I’ve written a ton of articles just waiting to be published for your reading pleasure. I’m super happy to be writing this blog again, I missed everyone!

My first article is about Orcus Brand, I’ve been following this brand FOREVER and they finally released some new tees just earlier this month. I’m not completely sure what the exact focus is for them, but it seems to be on the darker side. All of the designs go well together and everything’s pretty consistent which is always a good thing to see. My favorite tee is this one:

Orcus Brand - Twenty Three

It’s titled Twenty Three and as you can see, it features a badass looking crow on an extremely detailed clock. My second favorite is their logo tee which they call Bad Luck. Maybe that’s what Orcus is about? I still don’t know haha

All of their designs are printed on Pacific Sport. I can’t vouch for the fit or comfort because I’ve never owned a Pacific Sport tee, but I’m sure they’re awesome! Not sure about the printing either, but it doesn’t look like it’s really thick or rough by looking at the pictures. Every tee is complete with a printed neck tag and a hem tag. I’d like to point out that they are only charging $20 per tee even with all of these extras, that’s amazing! I see so many brands pricing their tees upwards of 29 smackaroos and I just don’t understand how anyone could pay that much for a t-shirt. $20 is my maximum when I go shopping, call me cheap!

Anywho, I also dig these pint glasses they’re practically giving away at $7.99, so cool!

Orcus brand - Pint Glasses

There’s tons more to see if you head over to the Orcus Brand website, buy a tee and support them so they can keep making cool stuff for us to wear!

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