Burn Card Clothing Review

Burn Card Clothing sent me a t-shirt to review and today I’m sharing it with you all =) I was originally attracted to Burn Card because of their awesome packaging. But unfortunately when I moved I either lost it, or accidentally threw it away, so I can’t

show you first hand what it looks like, but here is a picture from their website:

Burn Card Clothing Packaging

Burn Card Clothing Packaging

Sick, right?! Right. And not only is their packaging great, but the overall brand presentation is so smooth. Everything from the website all the way to the shirt designs blends together so well. This is a good example of a very well branded clothing line. Shall we move on to the t-shirt? I think we shall!

Burn Card Tee

As advertised on the Burn Card site, it is a Gildan Heavyweight tee. It’s not my personal favorite but a lot of people seem to dig them, most streetwear brands use these shirts. For anyone who might not know, they are box cut shirts, not fitted like American Apparel or other styles of Gildan, and they aren’t ringspun cotton, which makes them less soft but more thick and durable. This tee will last you a lifetime if you take care of it.

The print is sort of thick and rubbery but since the design doesn’t cover the whole front of the shirt, it isn’t much of a bother. It’s possible that it might crack after a few washes but I haven’t tested that so I can’t say yay or nay. It appears to be all good though.

As for some plus factors, my favorite part is the hang tag, I’ve never seen one like this before(here is a picture, I forgot to take one). Definitely creative and something I’m going to hang on to at least for a little while. There’s also a print on the back of the neck with their logo, it’s nice and small and doesn’t make you look like a billboard so that’s great, I think it’s a nice little addition to this already cool shirt.

All around, I’d say if you have your eye on Burn Card but you aren’t sure if you want to buy yet, just go for it. You’ll get a good quality product that is exactly what’s described and you’ll get it for a great price too! Oh and by the way, you can always try and win a free one too, check out their monthly free t-shirt contest 😉

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