A Metaphor For Greatness – Acropolis Apparel

Literally translated, Acropolis means “highest city”, a city of people that helped lead us to the free thinking and individualism we enjoy in the world today. Acropolis embodies the glory, power and splendor of an advanced society at its pinnacle.

I love the symbolism and creativity behind this brand, I don’t even want to describe it to you in my own words because the description on their website is so solid that I feel like I would be doing them an injustice:

Acropolis Apparel® is built upon the timeless ideals of progressive thought and revolutionary action. Influenced by world history, iconic symbolism and human achievement, Acropolis continually strives to reach new heights.

Acropolis Apparel® represents the individualism and greatness in all of us. At Acropolis, we are dedicated to continually creating quality clothing rich in substance and style. We support all who help to improve the world and leave their mark.”

I’ve seen Acropolis around before, but I can honestly say that I don’t think I’ve ever fully explored their website and shirt designs. This is a great brand! There is obviously a ton of thought behind this. Out of the many tees they have, this is one of my favorites:

Acropolis Apparel - Keys

Titled “Keys”, this simple logo type design isn’t something I would typically wear, but I’m attracted to it because of the meaning of the brand itself. This just goes to show how important it is to give your brand an image, it’s own style and meaning.

Their website doesn’t mention what brand of blank shirt they use, but it does say that it’s 100% cotton. It appears as though each shirt also has sewn on tags in the neck AND the hem. I can’t judge the printing because I’m pretty sure they’re using mock ups and not real pictures of the shirts. I wouldn’t suggest doing this, people prefer to see the real product they’ll be receiving and it helps reduce problems with returns because it doesn’t look exactly how they thought. Personally I hate it when brands use mock ups because of this.

Honestly that’s the only bad thing(and it’s really not even that bad) I can say about Acropolis Apparel, their website is strong, simple and fairly easy to work through. I wish I could view more products on each page though.

Overall, I think Acropolis has a great amount of promise to them, I hope you guys buy some tees to help support what they’re doing because I believe they will go far and become even more with time.

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