Molecules That Cling Together + T-Shirts = Adhesion Clothing

I’ve been finding a lot of really cool meanings behind new brands now-a-days, most recently being Adhesion Clothing. They based their name and branding off of the physics definition of adhesion, “when dissimilar molecules to cling together due to attractive forces. ” – Even their logo matches this quite well. I dig it.

The website is also pretty cool, I like the layout and such, the only thing I don’t like is the storefront page, but that can always be fixed in the future, what really matters is the t-shirts! Here’s my favorite:

Adhesion Clothing - Splash

The design is called Splash and comes in mens and womens tees. It’s pretty rare to see indie brands putting out tees with all over prints like this that go onto the sleeves and collar so I thought that was cool. All of their tees are American Apparel and are printed with waterbased inks, so you’re getting one high quality tee for just $25. One downfall that I’ll mention is that I’m pretty sure they’re using mock-ups from Design By Humans which is NOT a good idea, those mock ups are only intended for use on the DBH website for the designs that are up for voting, you are definitely not suppose to use them in any way that you could make money. If DBH found out, they could make you take them all down and it would be a big headache. It’s better to just avoid this type of thing and just use the many free mock ups out there that CAN be used anywhere, or take photos of your clothes. What I don’t understand is that Adhesion DOES have good photos of people wearing their shirts, all over their website but for some reason they don’t use them for their store…why? O_0 The good news is, everything else is great! Yayy!

Adhesion is awesome, I dig the tees, the website, the branding, and I see no reason not to snatch up all of their tees. =)

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