HRTLS Clothing Review

This is my first time (I think) that I’ve reviewed a fellow Vancouver t-shirt brand, and I’m excited! Because this tee is just plain awesome and I can’t wait to show you, but first, here’s a bit about HRTLS:

This isn’t you’re average start up t-shirt brand. They went at this knowing full well that they wanted to redesign the t-shirt, not just screen print on it. HRTLS uses several methods to make their tees stand out from the crowd and I’m about to show them all to you.

“What HRTLS stands for in short, is heartless. We’ve worked to redefine the definition of heartless, in that someone who shows their passions, beliefs, fearlessness, and love for what they do every single day is a person that is HRTLS.”

Now, let’s get on with the review! The packaging is just a plain white tyvek mailer, nothing special but they definitely keep the tees clean, dry, and in one piece so kudos for that haha. But there is one no-no here…hand written labels. I’ve said it before but I’ll repeat myself, I’ve seen/heard so many times the things that go wrong with this. All it takes is one person mistaking your P for a D and you’re tee is headed to someone else entirely, or worse, to no where. Save yourself the headache and pick up some adhesive labels and print them out. This even leaves room for some customization! You can totally add your logo or whatever else you want to your address labels and make them as unique as your shirts are. Oh! I forgot to mention that the shirt was also in a clear poly bag to keep it neat and clean.

The tee itself is most certainly different than what I normally receive. HRTLS went to all of the work of making their very own t-shirt, all the way down to the fit and feel of the fabric. They’ve created a tee with a slightly wider collar, a slim fitted torso with loose sleeves. The cotton is nice a breathable so it’s comfy even on sunny days.


As for the further customizing they’ve done, the sleeves are rolled up and sewn in place, there’s a custom printed patch tag in the neck that I’ve never seen any other indie brand do, this is awesome!


And last but not least, they have literally cut a hole in the sleeve in the shape of a heart and sewn it back together, leaving a heart shaped stitching pattern on the sleeve. So cool!

HRTLS Sleeve

The printing is different as well, I’m not entirely sure how these are printed, it’s soft, stretchy, and sort of rubbery. I want to say it’s heat pressed but I have a feeling I’m wrong about this so don’t quote me or anything. I will have to find out what this is and update the post when I do =) Either way, I like it! It’s comfy and not a bother at all.

All in all, HRTLS is doing great! I think where they lack(storefront could use work mainly) they have definitely made up for with the quality of their tees, which is really the most important part! Please, do yourself a favor and check out HRTLS Clothing to see their whole range of shirts, there are so many to choose from!

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