Statement Review

Statement TeeA new street wear brand called Statement was nice enough to send in a tee for review, and here it is!

Packaging was a simple poly mailer, the shirt inside was in a clear sealed bag to keep it safe, always a good idea! It was also roughly wrapped in some yellow tissue paper. I’m assuming it got a little beat up on it’s way from the UK so I can’t really judge that much. Yet again I find myself stressing this handwritten label thing, especially when you’re sending things overseas, you can’t leave room for anyone to make a mistake because trust me, eventually they will! Please print out your address labels. There was a nice little note inside of the label though, I wouldn’t have found it if I hadn’t ripped the mailer open the way that I did haha

The shirt itself is pretty good, I’m not huge on the design(titled Beerface) but the quality of the print is really good. Not too thick or rough, it’s just right. All of Statements tees are printed on Gildan which is common for street wear brands so I expected it. All around a good tee for you’re money if you dig the designs.

As far as the brand itself goes, I’d like to see them expand more on their designs and really step it up. It seems like they know where to go but they just aren’t quite sure how to get there yet. Just my honest opinion. I’m definitely going to keep an eye on Statement to see how they grow and change in the future. And you should too!

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