A New Tee From Burn Card

Burn Card Clothing - Ink

Burn Card Clothing – Ink

Earlier this month I wrote a great review of Burn Card Clothing, if you missed it please check it out now.  Now their back with a new tee and I think it’s a big step up from their older stuff.

Titled “Ink“, this new tee features a badass gothic style lettering often seen in tattoo artwork, as well as a different take on their logo.  On the back, instead of the centered neck print they have on all of their other shirts, they went with a shoulder print that turned out awesome!  I believe in addition to that they’ve added a hemtag to the sleeve which wasn’t on their shirts previous to this one.

It seems that as I predicted, Burn Card is moving forward with leaps and bounds and I’m still excited to see what they have up their sleeve next.  Also, for anyone who may  be wondering, this new tee DOES come with the awesome packaging that’s featured with all of Burn Card’s tees.  Head on over to the BC website now to check out this new shirt!

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