Mad Cow Review

I received a tee for review from a great company called Mad Cow, I’ll be honest I was expecting the typical tee in a regular mailer, but that is NOT what I got. Upon tearing open the bubble mailer(with a hand written label, grrr!) I found what I think is my most favorite packaging I’ve ever gotten with a t-shirt. Boxed up inside of a fast food hamburger container was my t-shirt! Shrink wrapped and everything.

The box is customized with a nutritional facts sticker, which is a bit close to what Johnny Cupcakes does but I’ll let it slide because the presentation itself is different. Inside the box was a nice little package of extras which included some stickers, a button and a temporary tattoo. Very nice. This is a perfect example of how to turn a one time customer into a repeat customer, give them a reason to come back and really wow them with your presentation.

The shirt itself, while quite wrinkled from being stuffed into that box, is nice and soft and the print feels great. Mad Cow prints on Anvil tees, this one is pretty nice, I’m not sure which style it is but it fits well and after being washed it seems to have kept it’s shape fairly well. It’s fixed with a custom hem tag and neck label as well as a hang tag. The neck label got on my nerves because it kept scratching my neck so I cut it out after I took these pictures, but if those don’t bother you then it shouldn’t be a problem.

Overall I’d say this tee is worth every penny of the $ it costs to get it. Support Mad Cow and go buy a tee from a company who’s striving to do something different!


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