Pre-Order Tees At Bear Threads!

Bear Threads has some pretty neat tees up for pre-order and it all ends TOMORROW at midnight so be quick, you also get 25% off if you order during the pre-order period so it’s worth doing. They have 3 tees lined up for this release, all of them are American Apparel Tri-Blend tees which I LOVE because they’re super comfy and soft. There will be one screen printed tee(pictured below) and 2 special embroidered ones, which is definitely something that you don’t see too often in the indie tee world.

Once the pre-order is over they will be placing the order for their shirts and as soon as they come in the rest of you who weren’t cool enough to order during the pre-sale will be able to buy yours at full price. Sounds like a pretty good reason to order one right now, doesn’t it? This is a high quality tee for a great price! Get over to Bear Threads and grab your newest tee now.

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