Noah Apparel Review

Noah Apparel, another indie brand who’s mission is a noble one, has sent in a tee for review. Before we get down to that though you should know that with each purchase from Noah Apparel you can send a child to school for one week. I’m not exactly sure how this works, but it’s definitely something new that I haven’t seen before. If you’re looking for some new tank tops for this summer, then check out their custom cut ‘n’ sew tanks that were hand patterned and cut by the owner, Dylan. This is a truly DIY brand.

Now, on to the review! At first glance of the packaging I was confused because what I saw was exactly the same thing that I got from Paperheart(review here) some time ago. Upon re-visiting the Paperheart website I found out that it is now a blog dedicated to talking about Noah Apparel and the like. So what I’m assuming is that Paperheart is no longer and in it’s place is Noah Apparel. The mailers are probably just left over, and being a small independent brand, I’m sure it would be a huge waste to just throw them out. Inside was also a little thank you note.

On to the shirt(titled Brave). Noah prints on Canvas shirts, I’ve never had one before and I’m very happy now that I do because this shirt is awesome! It’s so soft and comfy and fits perfectly. It’s a big slimmer than American Apparel and also a tad longer but overall I’d say the fit is better. The printing is straight discharge ink by the looks of it, and it also, is very soft and will only become more soft after it’s been washed a few times. That’s the beauty of discharge and waterbased inks, so, so soft.  Click here for a close up of the print on this shirt.

The color of this shirt is hard to photograph, in my pictures and also the ones on the Noah Website the shirt looks almost like a light blue color, but it’s really more of a teal with a greenish hue to it.  It’s a really nice color I just wish I could share it with you more easily haha  Clearly my two 5 month old kittens approve of it as well.  Maybe I’ll make them regulars on here, they like to help with taking pictures but I usually end up not using the ones they sneak into.

If you want to contribute to a good cause and get a really awesome reward for it, then order a Noah Apparel shirt. The amount of care that goes into this brand is amazing and even in the short time I’ve spent on their website and the blog I just stumbled upon I’m wowed at how involved everyone is. This brand will be around for a while. You should become a part of it now so you can be one of the OG’s later. 😉

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