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Miasma Packaging

Miasma Packaging (click to enlarge)

I’ve been getting tons of emails and such from brands over in the UK, it seems like the whole indie t-shirt industry is really starting to blow up over there. And so far I’ve seen mostly awesome stuff coming from there. Today I’m reviewing one of these UK brands, and this one is called Miasma.

Miasma appears to thrive off of music of all kinds, and supports bands and musicians. You even get free guitar picks in with your order! =) The packaging is pretty awesome, a black custom screen printed poly mailer with their logo. On the inside was the shirt in it’s own poly bag along with free buttons, stickers, and guitar picks. There was also a nice little thank you note. This is a perfect example of how easy(and cheap!) it can be to spice up your packaging.

The shirt itself (titled Death Dealer) is nothing short of perfect, the design is great first of all I love how it’s so detailed but still only one color. The print is a tad rough but I think it will soften up after a wash or two, it’s definitely not rubbery or plastic feeling at all which is good with a print this size. I really like the sleeve print, sometimes they can look tacky but this one seems to fit pretty well, probably because their logo sort of looks like an old military patch that would usually be on a sleeve.

There’s also a custom printed neck label which is always a great touch. And last, but not least is the sweet hang tag! It’s die cut in the shape of their logo and on the back it gives a bit of info about the brand and is labeled with what number shirt you got out of the limited batch. Neato! The fit of the shirt is similar to American Apparel but I’m not sure what brand of blank this actually is, I don’t think its American Apparel though because it’s not quite as soft or thick. I like it though(my kitty approves too)!

Overall this was a great experience with Miasma, the owner is really nice, the shirt got here quick and everything is good quality and at a good price. There’s nothing to loose! Go check out the other Miasma designs and snag a tee of your own, you won’t regret it.

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