London Based Anime Inspired Clothing Line – Mayamada!

Their name is Mayamada, and their goal is “to bring imagination to life and have fun doing it”. For some of us that’s enough to get us interested in checking out a new clothing brand, but some others need a little bit more convincing, and for those tough cookies I’ve written this article, please keep reading!

Mayamada is a London based clothing line featuring colorful and fun anime designs based off of a Japanese television set where all of the cast are animals. Sounds far fetched, but the imagination behind this brand really has be hooked, and I’m not even an anime fan!

Upon first visiting the website you’re greeted with bright red and white, a few buttons that will lead you around where you can find out more about the company and finally the storefront, or “gift shop” as it’s called here. Lets go there, that’s where my favorite stuff is!

Mayamada Logo Tee

Mayamada Logo Tee

The shirt that I like the most, oddly enough, is their logo tee(pictured). It’s so simple and clean. I do love a good logo tee every now and then too. But for those of us who like a little more complexity to our shirts, there are many other options, all full of color and character. One thing that bothers me about their store is that the prices aren’t listed unless you click on each product, this might not matter for everyone else but it does irk me a bit. Call me picky.

I like that Mayamada carries a nice selection of both guys and ladies shirt styles and colors as opposed to most clothing lines who sell mostly guys clothing and then offer extra small as an option for the girls. That doesn’t quite cut it, if you’re brand is one that could cater to women, don’t just offer them a unisex tee and expect them to buy them all up, make something that’s specifically tailored to FIT them. This obviously depends on what kind of brand you’re running but it’s something to think about.

The product shots on this site are awesome! They tie perfectly into the branding and the “fun” adjective that they rely so much on. I would say that maybe the models should be wearing animal masks or something to go with that part of the theme, but I can also see how quickly and easily that would become completely creepy. Don’t do that.

As far as their products go, I can’t speak much for the quality as I don’t know their printing methods or what kind of shirts they print on, but they do have some neat finishing done on their shirts. On the back of the neck there is a small patch that has their logo that’s sewn in into the shirt, as well as a small hem tag at the bottom of each tee. Both look great to me. The product descriptions also mention that it comes all wrapped up in their own custom packaging.

In my honest opinion Mayamada looks completely trust worthy and if you’re thinking about placing an order, then you can rest assured that even if you don’t get exactly what you are hoping for, they have a very easy return policy that accommodates anyone.

Head over to the Mayamada website now and check everything out, even if you don’t like anime you’re bound to at least get a few smiles out of it.  Let me know what you think of this new UK brand, leave me a comment! =)

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