Brand New Forum Dedicated To The Clothing Industry!

I’ve found out about a new forum/message board that’s specifically made for the entire clothing industry.  I don’t think one exists quite like this so I’m pretty excited to give you all this news.  It’s titled United Through Thread or UTT.  The board has just opened as of yesterday so things are quite bare right now(and in need of some design work), but with the help of all of you and a little bit of luck it can turn into a great community where everyone can go for advice, information or just to network with others.

This is also a great way to get free promotion for your brands.  No, I don’t mean shamelessly make threads promoting yourself but rather, leave a link and a small description in your signature and just be an active member, you’ll see traffic come through, trust me.  See my tips below to get the most out of joining a forum.

To help kick things off I’ve posted 2 new threads with some of the most popular articles I’ve written on Tee Spotter.  Soon I’ll be writing another new article exclusively for UTT and I know it’s something everyone will be interested in.  I think these will work as sort of an icebreaker to get everyone talking and make things seem less bare.  These are the two articles I’ve chosen to post:

How To Be Earth Friendly With Your Clothing Line

Why T-Shirts Are Good For Your Band(And For Artists)

Get over there and sign up, introduce yourself here and let everyone know who you are and stuff(here’s my intro post as an example) and then join in on the conversations by giving your input on the ones I’ve posted or by making your own. It’s that easy!  After that, get everyone you know to join!  Or well, at least the ones involved with clothing.


1- Upload an avatar.  Yes, of course you don’t feel like it and it seems like it won’t make a difference.  But the truth is everyone hates talking to some faceless person on the internet, and it’s even worse when there’s an army of them.  Make it easier to tell everyone apart and just do it, you’ll look more professional that way.  You can even make it the logo of your company.

2- Be useful.  By that I mean contribute in a way that’s productive.  Don’t be a troll, sure it’s funny at first but after a while it just gets really old.  Be nice, give advice when you can, and just try to add to the community as much as you can.  Your time will pay off much easier that way.  Also, don’t make vague comments like “cool” or “I don’t like it” – be more descriptive, WHY is ti cool and WHY don’t you like it.  Try to stay constructive otherwise you’re just wasting your time.

3- Stay cool.  This kind of ties in with the above tip.  We all know there’s some people on the internet who suck and like to hide behind their keyboard and act powerful, just ignore it.  If you lash back then you’re just stooping down to their level.  Be mature and you’ll come out looking professional while they look like children.

4- Stay active! This is the most important one, try to log in at least once a day and make a few posts.  It won’t take long and it really pays off.  Remember that your signature is at the bottom of every post you make, that means your link is scattered throughout, so the more you post the more people see that.  But of course remember not to spam and remember #2 – be useful!

That’s all for today, I hope to see a bunch of you over there very soon! =D  My username is JMorgan so you know who I am.


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