Motivate Clothing Review

Motivate Clothing PackagingI haven’t been able to get any reviews written recently because my camera hates me and won’t work properly. But I’ve managed to get it to function long enough to get these photos so I have a new review for you today. I got a tee from Motivate Clothing a little while ago and today I’m going to share it with you, check it out!

The tee came in a custom poly mailer with gold sparkly ink, kinda cool but the design needs work in my honest opinion. If you’re gonna go custom, go awesome! Haha Anyway there was also a nice letter and some buttons and stickers thrown in which is always a nice touch.

The shirt is a Tultex tee which isn’t terrible but for some reason a lot of people really don’t like them. I’ve never had huge problems with them other than they do tend to shrink A LOT if you put them in the dryer, even on low. The print is nice, not thick or rough or anything. Though it’s hard to mess up a one color print, I’ve still seen it happen.

Each purchase form Motivate Clothing sends proceeds to a charity, and each shirt is for a different charity(The anchor one pictured goes to Anchor Center for Blind Children). They have 6 different shirts to choose

Motivate Clothing Tee

Click to enlarge

from and a few prints as well so there’s a good selection, the only criticism I can give is that they don’t actually go well together, the designs themselves are okay, but as a brand it kind of looks all over the place. I get that they’re all for different things, but as a brand they should still have something that ties them all together. Other than that, I would say they need some actual product photos rather than using mock ups. That part is actually REALLY important and even if you just laid out the shirts and took your own photos even without models it would still be better than those mock ups. Just a word of advice from someone who’s been there =)

Overall I’d say that Motivate Clothing tees are worth their $20 price tag, but I’ll admit that I wouldn’t pay more than that for one of them. I’d like to see them grow and expand more, but they can’t do that with out tons of support, so go check them out and pick up a tee if you dig it!

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