Relaxed Movement Review

I received this awesome shirt from a Swedish brand called Relaxed Movement, all of their designs are really nice and I love what these guys are doing. My favorite design is definitely the “Life is for Living” tee, which is the one I’ll be reviewing for you here today. But before I do that I just want to say that as far as my experiences go with working with brand owners, Joakim, the person behind Relaxed Movement has to be one of the nicest and kindest owners I’ve ever worked with. If you treat your customers with this amount of kindness they they are guaranteed to come back over and over because they know they’ll get the same great service every time. Remember that, peeps!

Relaxed Movement TeeAs I said, the tee I got is called Life is for Living, and it’s awesome! I like the different color combo they went with, with the brown heathered shirt and the orange print, it doesn’t sound like it would go well but really it looks great. The shirt itself is SO soft, I have no idea what brand of shirt this is but I know that I want more, maybe its Canvas, or Next Level? I don’t know I’ll have to check with the owner and find out because I loveeee this shirt haha The print is also good quality, it’s a standard plastisol print which does leave it feeling slightly like plastic but with this kind of print that hardly matters since the ink doesn’t cover most of the shirt.  NOTE: I checked with the owner and he says that the shirt is printed on an Anvil 450 tee which is a 50/50 blend.

Relaxed Movement Extras

click to enlarge

The tee has been retagged with a custom screen printed neck label and they also added a nice hem tag that looks really ace. Actually, I apologize, I just realized that I didn’t photograph the hem tag, but I assure you it’s just as good of quality as any other, haha! Anyway, the shirt also came with some goodies like those cool little business cards, and some iPhone cases. I don’t think the iPhone cases normally come for free but you can buy them on the Relaxed Movement website in a two pack. They are the typical rubber cases, I wish they fit on my old iPod Touch =( By the way, am I the only one these days without an iPhone? Just wondering.

All in all, Relaxed Movement is killing it with their branding, the quality of their goods, and their service! This is a prime example that you don’t need all the fancy stuff like custom packaging if you just focus solely on the quality of your clothing. Now, go check out the rest of the Relaxed Movement designs! You won’t regret it =)

PS- What do you think of Relaxed Movement after seeing this review? I want to know! Leave me a comment!

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