Jerz Apparel Review

Review time! Today I have a fresh logo tee from the New Jersey apparel company called Jerz Apparel. Now, usually I’m not that impressed when a new brand comes out and all they have is a bunch of logo tees/tanks/whatever, but there are exceptions to this. In this case, Jerz is really creating an identity for itself, with these logo shirts it’s laying a sound foundation of what you can expect from here on out and that’s a good thing. You should be able to look at any clothing companies website and tell what they are about, or what kind of style they’re going for. Jerz has hit that nail right on the head. I just so happen to have one of their tees right here, so I’m going to review it for you. =)

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The shirt came in a regular bubble mailer and wrapped in it’s own clear poly bag, pretty standard so I can’t complain, it keeps the shirt dry and clean. In with the shirt was a bunch of stickers and business cards with all different designs, pretty cool! does this if you’re interested, you can get a different design on every single card if you want!

The shirt is just as solid as the rest, nice color, soft, fits fairly well. I think it might be a Gildan shirt but I’m not too sure, it says it’s made in Nicaragua, if anyone knows what shirts are made there, let me know! If it is a Gildan shirt, it’s one of the better ones I’ve ever owned. The print is pretty rough, but since the design doesn’t cover a whole lot of the shirt it’s not too much of a bother. This shirt also comes with a custom printed neck tag and a nice looking hem tag. This small detail might not actually matter, but I like it when the hem tag is more of a rectangle like with this shirt rather than a square, that way it doesn’t reach over the actual hem. I don’t know, I just think it looks better that way haha.  NOTE: I’ve been informed that the shirt is actually a Next Level tee!

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I like the message that Jerz is trying to send, they’re trying to show the diversity and richness of the New Jersey culture, and make everyone realize that it’s really not like what you see on TV. Example – Jersey Shore. I always admire brands who are trying to open peoples eyes, as I believe it’s one of the hardest goals to accomplish. If you’re in need of some new simple logo tees to sport this fall season, grab one or two from Jerz Apparel and represent something different!

PS- I think they have an end of summer sale going on right now where all of their tank tops are 30% off, plus every order over $40 gets free shipping with the code JERZ2012


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