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More and more brands are starting to do their own custom stuff, and the peeps over at One Fourty are doing just that. Today I have a review for you that covers their custom pocket tank tops. These pocket tees/tanks were all the rage this summer season and will probably continue to be through out the winter(at least the tees). One Forty built there’s from the hems up with their own fabric, fit, and style. Lets see!

The packaging was awesome, the tank came in a box printed with their logo on one side, and on the other side the box was sealed shut with a wax seal also featuring their logo. Definitely new and different there. I also got a sticker and a rubber bracelet =) There isn’t enough room in this post to fit all of the pictures, so please click here to see this great packaging.

Like I said, the tank top is custom so the fabric isn’t what you’d normally expect from an indie clothing line, it’s soft, slightly stretchy and I believe it is baby ribbed. The pocket is made out of a different material that’s less soft and isn’t stretchy, but it’s the pocket, it doesn’t touch you so who cares haha There are also two of the same tag located at the hem, and on the back of the tank. I think this is overkill with the logos, but that’s just my opinion. Oh! They also have a custom printed neck label, but I should mention that it’s missing a lot of the info that’s legally required to be there, such as the material of the shirt, and the country of origin. Chances are no indie brand will get nabbed for this, but if you ever wanted to go wholesale and sell your stuff to retail stores, they’re going to require this info to be on the shirts so that they don’t get in trouble. Overall, this shit is super comfy! Unfortunately it just got really cold here so I won’t be able to enjoy it very much =(

One Forty Tank Top

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The guys behind One Fourty are super passionate about keeping this brand 100% British made, everything is made right in London. They take great pride in their products, and they should! It takes a lot of hard work to build a brand, and even more so when you have to do extra research in order to produce your own custom clothes. They seem to have fun doing it though, which is what makes One Fourty so awesome, you can actually get that fun feeling through their website, clothing, packaging and overall branding.

If you’re looking for a different indie experience than you’re used to, head over to the One Fourty website and place an order. I promise, you’ll be surprised at the difference =)

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