Mindless Tees Is Here To Blow Your Mind!

Mindless Tess – Mindblown

I’ve covered Mindless Tees before, but they recently came out with a new design and I’d like to cover it today.  This new tee is way different than their other stuff, but I think it can definitely still appeal to the same crowd so if you liked their stuff before, I think you still will.

The artwork really reminds me of Quakerninja’s style, I’m not sure if this was done by him or not but it’s very possible.  It’s a little complicated for my taste, and the text doesn’t seem to go with the design in my opinion, but I like it more than Mindless Tees older stuff.  Oh yea, the design is titled Mind Blown, now the title of this post is way more relevant 😉

In addition to this new tee, MT has also released the same design as a sticker, as well as introduced two different combo packs that get you a tee and a hat or skateboard depending on which combo you choose.

You may also start to see some MT products on Dope Fruit in the near future, which I’m sure is very exciting news for them.

If you have any of Mindless Tees products, send them a picture to add to their new Photo Wall!

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