Pink ‘N’ Chewy Review

Pink 'n' Chewy Logo T-Shirt

Pink ‘n’ Chewy Logo T-Shirt

It’s been a little while since I wrote a review, so be easy on me! haha  I recently acquired a shirt from an awesome brand called Pink ‘n’ Chewy, they have a lot of really funny, but also really dirty tees.  But don’t worry, this post is totally safe for work and for the sake of the review I requested a neutral logo shirt so I don’t offend anyone.  See how thoughtful I am? ADDED NOTE:  I’m adding this on after reviewing this, though I think these shirts are “dirty”, you might not think the same, what I see as dirty others might view as “tongue in cheek” or whatever, don’t just take my word for it, check out the website for yourself! =)

Anyway, the shirt got here SUPER fast, which is odd because usually customs between the US & Canada is fairly slow.  Once I cracked open the black mailer and tore through the clear poly bag I had my hands on a super soft vintage type feel tee.  It’s not as fitted as some other tees that claim to be, but it is comfy and soft so who cares, right?  I haven’t washed it yet to see how it holds up but I will update this post when I do.  And if you’re wondering, I have no idea what blank it is, it’s possible that it’s Next Level since it’s a nice blend of polyester and cotton, but I really don’t know.

Pink 'n' Chewy Printed Tag

Pink ‘n’ Chewy Printed Tag

The print on this tee is lovely!  They took what would have been a  solid logo and printed it so that you can see the color the shirt through it which gave it a worn in look that looks more natural that one that is manipulated by the design rather than the printing method.  The photo on the P’n’C website doesn’t do the printing job justice, it looks awesome!  Maybe my picture can help you get a better idea.

Some plus factors:  No tag!  These shirts are topped off with a nice screen printed label complete with washing instructions for all of those people who can’t seem to take care of their t-shirts.  As for the other small details, there is a little hem tag that features a smaller version of their logo, and on the back it reads “tastes so good” – I got a good chuckle out of that.  What a great way to add some extra branding in there!  I also got a few little stickers with the shirt which is always a good touch.  And at just $28 a pop, you really cannot go wrong.

Pink 'n' Chewy Hem Tag

Pink ‘n’ Chewy Hem Tag

All in all there is nothing I can see that would ever keep me from purchasing a shirt from Pink ‘n’ Chewy, and that means there’s nothing that should stop you from it either!  If you like funny shirts, and I mean ones that are actually funny not those corny ones you see online everywhere, but don’t mind it being dirty then you should check out the Pink ‘n’ Chewy website to see their full product line, there’s tons to choose from and they have both mens and womens sizes.  But if you’re at work, don’t do it now, do it when you get home or on your phone or something haha

That’s it! Please tell me what you think in a comment or feel free to Tweet me, I like hearing from my readers!

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