We Are The Recipe Review

We Are The Recipe ReviewA little while back I did a post on We Are The Recipe and I promised a review in the future. Well, that review is here now and I hope you’re as excited as I am! This brand goes right into the “awesome packaging design” section with their custom printed pizza boxes, super original! The other extras inside included a custom printed napkin?..I think..and a few stickers.  Right off the bat I’m loving what WATR are doing with their stuff, it’s so nice to see someone actually trying to be original. And you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg to do it either, all they did was use a pizza box instead of a regular box and it made a world of difference and fits with their brand perfectly.


We Are The Recipe Reivew

The shirt itself is great too, printing is super soft and the design is cute as hell haha It has a printed neck label instead of scratchy tag so that’s good. I actually forgot to grab a picture of that so I apologize, but it was basically the same as any other you see with a logo, size, etc. As for what kind of tees they use, I think I recall their website saying that they use 100% ringspun cotton shirts, but I’m not sure what brand. But, they fit great and didn’t shrink in the wash so I give it an A++ in that department.

If you didn’t read my original post about WATR then you might not know this: They print all of their shirts in house, by hand, so what you’re getting has been crated from top to finish by the people who are selling it to you. I love that. There’s just something special about a brand who puts so much of themselves into every part of it.

If you head over to the We Are The Recipe store now, they have a 2 for £24 deal going on which I think is great. That makes it about $36 in US Dollars plus shipping. For two handcrafted, one of a kind tees, that’s awesome! Make sure you check out their new limited edition tees while you’re at it!

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